OSSC Pro and the potential for remote command conflicts

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    One of the problems some of us experienced with the original OSSC was that some of the remote commands triggered other devices. Most notably the Sampling Phase +/- buttons used the same IR command as Yamaha uses for controlling volume on their receivers and processors. Given that the remote itself was programmable and the OSSC itself can be taught different commands, this was relatively simple to work around.

    But given that the OSSC Pro will have a bespoke, pre-programmed remote I’m worried that it can cause similar issues without the same workarounds being possible unless using a different remote.

    So, I have the following questions:
    1) Will the OSSC Pro remote be programmable?
    2) Will the OSSC Pro use the same IR codes as the classic OSSC?
    3) Will the unlabeled buttons on the OSSC Pro remote send any commands that can be used in case of a conflict?


    1. The bundled remote is not programmable, but Pro also supports the same L336 remote (ones sold by VGP 01/2022 have OSSC Pro codes programmed into DVB profile)
    2&3. It uses different codes. They might conflict with Hitachi TV remotes but very few people have those. There are some unused buttons on Pro remote that could be used in case of conflicts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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