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    I’d love to be able to software update or control the OSSC Pro over the network. I didn’t see this in the announcement (or in the prototype) so wanted to bring it up:

    OSSC Pro is coming!


    Seconded. Onboard wired networking, with the ability to send/receive API calls for various things, would be ideal for me. Next-best, I think, would be serial control over the GPIO, which could be leveraged by an addon module with wired and/or wireless networking.


    Thirded! It would add a lot of convenience if profiles could be modified and selected directly either through a webinterface or just some text console over the network. It would also encourage the development of third party apps that interact with the OSSC Pro, and leave the door open for other neat stuff like grabbing and saving frames or maybe even video capture further down the line. The de10-nano has really nice gigabit ethernet, maybe it could be implemented the same way on the OSSC?


    Sounds good but my vote goes to wireless if it was ever a reality. I don’t have the ability for a wired setup (though would love Ethernet in my condo) and I bet that 100% of users can use wifi.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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