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    I was using my OSSC 1.6 normally when suddenly I noticed that there were sudden snapping and popping which could heard via monitor/tv speakers. Then suddenly picture vanished and I restarted my OSSC -> then the internal display said “init error -2”. I used original and correct PSU with the unit, so it could not be the cause of the problem . Also I noticed that moving the unit suddenly helped (for a while), but the image had weird scrolling effect on both sides of the screen (I guess it has something to do with sync problems?)

    I also noticed that U8 chip gets extremely hot in less than 5 seconds. While pressing it the picture comes up, for a while for some reason.

    Too bad this problem occured just 14 months in after purchase, so I can’t have it fixed easily 🙁

    I’ve read that other users have had similar problems, but does anyone have any tips the “heal” the unit or do I really have to send it to be replaced or fixed?

    Has anyone installed additional heatsinks in the unit, especially on U8. If so, did it help?


    “Init error -2” = Error: could not read from THS7353. The chip may need replacing unfortunately.


    U8 getting hot is not normal. Most likely a surge from audio input has damaged it, and it could then cause other problems as well. You should desolder U8 which disables audio, but the board might then otherwise become functional.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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