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    I thought it would be considerate to share my OSSC optimized profiles for PAL consoles. Keep in mind that this is set up for my display but they should work for other PAL users too.

    Here are the profiles.
    OSSC PAL Profiles

    I’ve included a text file showing each profile description. These are made for fw. 0.88 and are all .json files.

    If this is considered useful, feel free to add it to a more accessible place.

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    Thank you! Please everyone post feedback in this thread.


    Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    One thing to note – the optimized modes were set up with 3x and 5x only as optimized modes in 2x and 4x didn’t work on my TV. Regardless, the sampling options should remain the same through all modes.


    That is soo great, i’ve waited for this. Thx for your Work.


    No problem.
    I’ve updated the profiles to include PS1 384 and PS1 512. The link in the first post has been updated.


    Thanks a lot !
    Useful profiles for all PAL OSSC users community !
    Will test it shortly


    I have been trying your profiles… Specifically the N64 one. With some tweaks.. They do seem okay. It’s nice to have a pal default too.
    This one seems to be the same as what I’ve used for N64 recently. Apart from some pal Saturn stuff, the N64 is the only console that’s pal in my setup. I do have Ape Escape for ps1 So will report back about your ps1384 profile. Supprised there hasn’t been more interest in your post. I would use my retro tink for N64 but my 4k tv doesn’t like 480p or 720p. The N64 is the only console I’m not completely happy with the video quality. Thanks for your share. Tom


    Some of the profiles are only optimized with 3x and 5x. 4x may still be set to generic so check there. This is because of compatibility issues with my own display.
    N64 is a tricky one unfortunately.

    I’ve updated the profiles to have optimized modes set for all multiplication modes so it’s more “out of the box” now.


    Thanks a lot!
    The profiles provide an good improvement in comparison to the shipped ones!
    But I having trouble to fine tune them, like setting the correct sampling phase. Currently the image is kind of wobbling and the leftest H-Line seems to have a grey shadow.
    Iam using the PS1 320 profile for my current setup:

    PS1 -> NFSIII -> NoName RGB Scart-cable -> OSSC -> HDMI -> 4k LG TV

    Non modded Playstation 1 (PAL) with Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit (PAL) ingame resolution 320x256x16 (5:4 ratio) (got res from EMU like told here https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=66484)

    The only setting I changed on the OSSC is the 5xframe resolution from 1920×1080 (16:9) to 1600×1200 (4:3) to have a ratio better fitting the ratio of the game.
    To my understanding the profile tries to fit the input of the OSSC, but iam not sure about the multiple Timining Tweaks within your Config and how they are selected depending on the input?

    Currently I tried to change the sampling phase on the OSSC within the menu:
    sampling opt. -> Adv. timing -> 1600×1200 -> sampling phase

    But this seems to be wrong… how do I know which Adv. timing has to be changed?


    Not sure what’s going on there. Seemed fine on my display


    Could be related to my cheap RGB Scart-cable, but there isn’t a good one available currently.
    I don’t really understand why there are multiple “Adv. timing” sections within one OSSC profile?
    And when or how one of the “Adv. timing” sections is selected?


    Possibly because the PS1 has multiple resolutions it can output.
    Some games can use a mix of 320 wide, 384 wide and 512 wide.
    Sorry I can’t help much with that.


    So glad to see that you keep up such a good work. Thank you.


    Have an update after getting a 4k TV with better compatibility.

    If your display will accept optimal timings in 4x mode, there is no benefit to using optimal timings with 5x mode.
    Without 240p test suite or any sort of checker pattern, dialling these in is much harder, especially for PS1

    My bad. 5x optimal is still better than 4x optimal becuase even on PAL, 4x optimal is 960p. For the 5x modes, I recommend using one of the 1200p modes, you lose less image that way.

    UPDATE: I’ve updated the profiles in the first post after getting a TV with better compatibility. Hopefully, these ones are better


    hi everyone

    i hope im in the right topic here
    i have a rgb modded pal n64 fra this is hooked up to my ossc with an original snes rgb cable. im using a phillips 4k tv
    for some reason the n64 only works at line 3 4 and 5 only on generic modes

    i tried the json n64 pal profile but then i had to chance it back to generic to get any signal

    i also have a n64 everdrive V3.02 (2014) wich doesnt work at all on all settings i have tried

    when i use an older tv (with scart input) it works just fine with only the rgb cable or trought the ossc

    i hope some of you guys can help me out here

    (sorry for the bad english im from holland 🙂

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