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    It’s possible that your TV will not accept the signal from the profiles. They won’t work on all displays.


    But then it’s still weird that on the settings that do work my everdrive doesn’t


    Ah. Sorry, I can’t help there, never used an everdrive.


    New info.

    As you may have seen, these profiles cut off some of the image in PAL games. If the loss of images bothers you, increase the V. Active to any value between 240 and 288. Some of you may have known this already. Not sure if it gives any extra sharpness though.

    EDIT: Of course, it will depend on your display whether this works.


    However, I am a little concerned recommending that as I believe forcing a 1600×1440 image can damage the TV but I guess it would be just the same as generic 4x mode displaying a 1280×1152 image?


    Thank you for the profiles!
    I wondered if someone has created some PAL profiles and boom, here I am 🙂
    I’m about to test things out, play a little with the phase in a N64 test suite and then I’ll report back.
    Thanks again and all the best,


    Hello, I wanted to connect an old PAL 4: 3 576i video camera, but using the above “Generic 4:3” profile resulted in the image being displayed in the 16: 9 aspect ratio – the image was stretched. I have read a bit about the PAL signal itself in the book “Video Demystified A Handbook for the Digital Engineer 4th ed – Keith Jack” and you can find a solution there based on the graph analysis on page 48.

    We know, from 576i graph mentionet above, that 576i has 720 active horizontal samples (h_active), for 4:3 ratio total samples (h_total) will be:

    h_total = h_active / 0,75

    h_synclen = h_active * 0,0904716073147257
    h_backporch = h_active * 0,0890625

    v_active = 270
    v_backporch = 312 – v_active – 14

    h_total : 960
    h_active : 720
    h_synclen : 65
    h_backporch : 86

    v_active : 270
    v_backporch : 28

    It works perfect 🙂

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    Some minor tweaks made to the profiles and are updated for firmware version 0.89. I should probably give a reminder that the “PAL” profile is just a default profile with compatibility tweaks for problematic displays. The rest are for various consoles.

    Hope people are still finding these useful

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