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    Hi, just got my OSSC, it works great LG C7. However I am getting interference with my yahmha RRX-681 receiver. If push the volume down button, I change OSSC setting which make sync a problem, bebecause it changes sampling setting. Is they a way to fix this. Thank in advance.


    You could teach the OSSC a different code for that by using the remote setup procedure described on the wiki – http://junkerhq.net/xrgb/index.php?title=OSSC#Remote_control_setup



    I just found this thread as I’m getting the same kind of issues with remotes interferences with the ossc, with a Yamaha receiver remote, and an LG tv remote too. Both interact with the ossc. Quite annoying.
    But I’m quite confused with the procedure described on the junkerhq wiki…Doomisforu, did you managed to sort this issue out ?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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