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    Hi, just got my OSSC, it works great LG C7. However I am getting interference with my yahmha RRX-681 receiver. If push the volume down button, I change OSSC setting which make sync a problem, bebecause it changes sampling setting. Is they a way to fix this. Thank in advance.


    You could teach the OSSC a different code for that by using the remote setup procedure described on the wiki – http://junkerhq.net/xrgb/index.php?title=OSSC#Remote_control_setup



    I just found this thread as I’m getting the same kind of issues with remotes interferences with the ossc, with a Yamaha receiver remote, and an LG tv remote too. Both interact with the ossc. Quite annoying.
    But I’m quite confused with the procedure described on the junkerhq wiki…Doomisforu, did you managed to sort this issue out ?



    I’ve tried doing this, so I could document it clearly for other users facing the same problem but I’ve got stuck.

    I had the problem that +/- vol on my Yamaha amp receiver was causing the OSSC to adjust phase +/-. So, I followed the advice on the wiki (hold BTN1 on OSSC boot to configure buttons), and proceeded aiming to re-program the OSSC from the OSSC remote, setting some dummy commands for phase +/- (as I do not use the function from the remote anyway). It started well.. on booting with BTN1 held, the OSSC OSD popped up asking me to press 1, confirm 1, press 2, confirm 2 etc, going through many of the buttons. However, when it got as far as asking me “Press LCD_BACKLIGHT”, the OSSC stopped responding to any button presses from the remote. So at this point, I picked up another remote (my bluray player) and it took the button presses from that, to move forward through the process. At the end of the process the picture came back (my N64).. but now NONE of the buttons on the OSSC remote did anything. e.g. the button I’d programmed for MENU (“MENU”) is not bringing up the menu. OK, so I thought I’d reset as per wiki instructions (press BTN0 at start of remote learning process).. but after doing that its the still the same, the OSSC remote is not controlling the OSSC, I can’t bring the menu up or anything.

    This is the remote in question, which came with my OSSC https://i.postimg.cc/ydJd3Wcb/1604955689113.jpg

    I even tried batteries from another remote, in case they had suddenly died, but that didn’t help either.

    Any advice please? Many thanks.


    You might have accidentally pressed the DVB or HIFI buttons on the remote, switching it to a different control scheme. Pressing the TV button on it should hopefully bring it back to controlling the OSSC.


    Yes Zacabeb! That’s fixed it, thanks so much.


    No problem, I’m glad it worked. 🙂

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