OSSC seems to send a kill signal to TV

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    I’ve only owned an OSSC since september 2020, so please forgive me if this “bug” has been reported before.

    This bug, or error (call it what you want), was not present when I got the OSSC from VPG.
    It came after I did a firmware upgrade (now running on 0.85 since 0.86 was full of errors..).

    Sometimes, after gaming, I forget to turn off the OSSC.
    It then sits there, autoscanning through every possible in-signal to see if it receives any input.

    If I get back to gaming an hour or two later, nothing wrong is happening.
    However, if I let it be like this overnight, and return to the gaming the day after… the TV won’t turn on.
    It tries to turn on, but after 1-2 seconds, it turns off again.

    It took me a while to understand that the OSSC was the culprit behind this.

    To solve the issue I have to:

    1. Turn off OSSC
    2. Turn on TV
    3. Turn ON OSSC

    I also tried to remove other equipment that may have introduced this, so on some occations I’ve even just had the OSSC connected directly to the tv.
    No other equipment is connected to the TV.

    Same thing happens.

    But as long as I remember to turn if off after gaming, this does not happen and everything is fine the day after.

    I’m starting to think that the auto scanning for incoming sources may be the one to blame, that is if it does this for too long time.
    But I’m not sure.

    All I know is that powering the OSSC off/on solves the problem.


    Strange, could it be a power saving feature on your TV? Is there any reason why you’d leave it on overnight?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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