OSSC settings for CPS2?

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    Hi guys, hopefully I’m not posting this is the wrong forum, but I was wondering if anyone can list their settings they use for running CPS2 boards into the OSSC? For whatever reason, I can’t seem to get a reliable image without jitters in the picture and fairly frequent dropouts – even in the test menu screen.

    I should preface this by saying I’ve been using the OSSC for years with all of my 10+ arcade cabinets, ranging from Ms. Pac-man, to Arkanoid, Cheyenne, Toki, and Super Hang-On (to name a few.) It’s always been reliable. I’m running the signal from my cabinets into a Splitfire JAMMA splitter, and then into the OSSC via SCART/AV1. Everything that I’ve thrown at it has been great and rock solid. So, I was shocked when I discovered how problematic my CPS2 (Marvel Super Heroes) board was. At first, the OSSC wouldn’t sync at all until I turned the “analog sync vth” down to 67. I decided to throw up the cross-hatch pattern in the test menu just to have a stable image to work with, but I still have problems getting a reliable image.

    After doing some research, I came across the CPS2 Digital AV Interface that I figured could solve my issues, but alas I see it’s no longer available.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!




    If you needed to reduce sync vth to 67mV to get sync detected at all, it’s an indication the sync level is either very low or there is significant undershoot. You can try setting “Analog STC LPF” to “0.5MHz (SDTV)” if it’s latter problem. Do you have any means to measure amplitude of the sync signal?

    CPS2 Digital AV is temporarily out of stock due to component shortage, but OSSC should work quite reliably with CPS2 (never had issues with mine).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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