OSSC SNES 1CHIP NO SYNC error, OSSC and SNES work seperately

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    Just bought an OSSC and a 1CHIP Snes. The OSSC works like a champ with my Genesis, no issues at all and everything looks great. The 1CHIP Snes works hooked up with component video straight to the TV. HOWEVER when i try and connect the 1CHIP to the OSSC via SCART I get a NO SYNC error every time. Hooked up my childhood 2CHIP Snes and it worked on the OSSC. Scart cable is the NTSC one from Retrogamingcables.com so it should be decent quality.

    1. OSSC works just fine with Genesis
    2. 1Chip Snes works just fine via component signal
    3. OSSC works just fine with original 2CHIP Snes – OSSC works and SCART cable works, display is compatible
    4. per the OSSC wiki, confirmed the following settings: H-PLL pre-coast: 1 , H-PLL post-coast: 0
    5. Display is a computer monitor and the 2CHIP works – display compatible with signal

    As far as i can tell its got to either be some additional setting in the OSSC or an internal issue with the RGB signal on my 1CHIP Snes. Anyone have any ideas on additional troubleshooting?


    If you have a component cable (HD retrovision I presume), why don’t you hook that up to the ossc? Or do you mean composite actually?
    I believe there are some fat (ie regular case) 1-chips that, like the snes jr, doesn’t have RGB connected to the multiout. In that case you need to mod it.


    Sorry, i did indeed mean the signal works with composite and i do not have the component cables. is there any way to confirm the SNES isnt outputing RGB before going full mod chip on it? it is a 1CHIP 01 (early revision of the 1CHIP) if that means anything.


    Even without RGB you should get sync but just a black screen, so I’ve really no idea what’s going on here. Do you know what kind of sync the SCART cable you have uses (composite video, csync or luma?)


    It makes sense if he has a csync or luma SNES cable, but his console only outputs composite video.

    It’s true that 1CHIP-01 revision is expected to have RGB output natively (1CHIP-03 is known to not have it). But depending who you got it from, who knows, it could have a broken RGB encoder, maybe someone tried to mod it but failed, or some rare board variant etc…

    You should be able to confirm it by continuity tests with multimeter from RGB encoder to multiout pins, as well as continuity on the input and output of the RGB encoder itself.


    My cable is the NTSC CSYNC cable from retro gaming cables. Sounds like i might need the RGB board i was trying to avoid.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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