OSSC + SNES dejitter mod +Sony 4K = Success!

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    I finally got my SNES (Japanese Super Famicom) working on my Sony 4K TV
    <img src="<img src=”https://i.ibb.co/6BDsvrr/IMG-0014.jpg&#8221; alt=”IMG-0014″ border=”0″ />” alt=”OSSC on Sony 4K” />

    It was a right pain but here are my settings in case anyone else has a sony 4k + SNES

    I did the de jitter mod and that helped but still kept loosing sync so not 100% sure if its needed without removing it (and i aint going to do that)
    Video LPF 16Mhz

    advanced 256×240 timing
    v synclean=3
    v backporch=14

    analog sync LPF=off
    analog sync Vth=146mv
    hsync tolerance=8.00
    vsync threshold=11.84
    H-PLL pre cost=2 lines
    H-PLL post cost=2 lines

    240p/288p proc=Line 5x
    Line 5x mode=256×240 optim
    Line 5x format=1920×1080
    256×240 aspect=8:7
    tx mode = HDMI

    reverse lfp=3

    full tx setup=off
    av3 interlacefix=off


    I can’t wait to send my pal 60hz modded 1 chip snes for a de jitter mod so I can also play 16% faster

    I tried your setting but It ain’t working without the mod

    Al of sudden I don’t have sound anymore
    When I change the setting to factory it still won’t come back

    Can someone tell me what to do please


    @mistasparkaru You probably don’t have the mod wired properly for your RGB cable (c-sync, sync on luma or composite?). If that is the case, H-PLL post cost=2 lines would be a workaround for the wiring issue.


    It was working fine before so don’t think it’s the wiring

    I thought I set something wrong in the ossc but when I reset the settings to stock I still don’t have any sound

    I’m gonna order a super nt today
    Saw Verry good reviews

    I think it’s just a bit lame the ossc don’t support snes properly and also hooking up a Nes and n64 is a problem

    Mebe when the de-jitter mod is back in stock I will give it another go
    Until that time I can play on the super nt


    If you are still using the OSSC test firmware then you won’t have sound.


    Ah ok so that’s the sound problem
    So I just need to reinstall the latest firmware version then?


    I did a firmware update install 0.82
    Still no sound:-(
    Everything else works (on 50hz)
    Also my ps2 with rgb cable has no sound

    Why is this all so complicated


    I just tried another TV and it’s the same problem
    No sound

    But when I plug my snes rgb cable in tv it does give me sound

    Is my ossc broken ?


    Did you install 0.82 or 0.82-aud? Firmwares with the -aud suffix are the ones with audio support.


    Yes thx i have sound again
    I got the wrong one installed

    Now it’s waiting for the de jitter mod getting back in stock


    Looks currently in stock to me.


    Snes de-jitter instalation service

    When I click this it says item not in stock

    Also I send a direct email and they were saying it will come back in 2019

    So I just have to wait until I see its back available

    Also I want to let my pal n64 modded so I can use rgb with that to

    But I wonder if when I use a scart splitter and hook up rgb cables of my snes n64 and ps2 if they al run on the same settings as the snes takes a lot of adjustment in the ossc

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