OSSC + SNES dejitter mod = Still loosing sync

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    Hello All,

    My OSSC works fine with most of my old consoles on my Sony 4k TV except for my snes which kept loosing the picture. I was advised to buy a de-jitter mod which I have installed this morning, but its sill loosing the picture.

    The OSSC shows
    AV1: RGBS 262p
    15.74kHz 60.08Hz
    and if i press the info button on the controller i get
    Prof.0 320x240p
    262p 44923 (which fluctuates a bit to 44924 but less than before)

    I get the feeling the picture dropout happen less with the de-jitter mod but i cant play with the picture dropping out every 8-60 seconds then coming back.

    Can anyone help before i chuck this expensive OSSC in the bin?



    It’s possible your TV simply doesn’t tolerate a refresh rate that far off of 60Hz. What’s the specific model you have?

    Also, if you ultimately decide you don’t want your OSSC, please instead send it to me; I could use a spare. 🙂


    Check the capacitors in your SCART cable, particularly if it’s an older one.

    Try H-PLL Pre-Coast and/or H-PLL Post-Coast values of around 4.


    Does this line:

    Prof.0 320x240p

    …indicate that it’s using a profile with an optimized mode?

    What happens if you go to Settings -> Reset settings?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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