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    I just finished my N64 RGB mod and decided to test out a few of the timing settings from this post here

    After trying those settings, my OSSC will now only display this image

    Prior to using those settings, my N64 would correctly display the video images. Now, I only see that image I have linked to. This image displays even when the N64 is unplugged. I can hear the game’s audio despite the image being frozen at that screen. I have used multiple N64 games, and even have tried using my TG-16 but I still only see that frozen image. I’ve even tried re-loading the firmware, but I only see that frozen image.

    Did I break my OSSC?


    Since you reflashed the firmware, that would eliminate a configuration issue.

    Do you know whether or not your RGB mod is outputting TTL sync and, if so, and it’s a SCART cable, does it correctly attenuate the sync line?


    I don’t think it’s a cable issue because I get that frozen image even when I unplug the input cables and just use HDMI to the television.

    I’m using Tim Worthington’s RGB mod with a sync-on-luma cable from RetroAccess. I’ve tried using other scart cables from my TG16 and SNES and I get the same image.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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