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    Apologies in advance as I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to video I/O. I’m having an issue getting Amiga workbench 3.1 to display on my Dell U2414H monitor using the OSSC. Self booting games from disk are working absolutely fine and look great right off the bat, but I’m getting the following on-screen message when booting up workbench from the internal harddrive.

    The OSSC displays the following whilst workbench is booting

    and switches to the following when I believe workbench has actually loaded (obviously can’t I can’t see anything other than the message above)

    I’ve got the Amiga hooked up to the OSSC via an RGB to SCART lead, which is in AV1 using RGBS. My output is HDMI to HDMI into the Dell U2414H monitor. The current firmware of the OSSC is as follows

    I’ve tried RGsB and YPbPr modes but these do not seem to work, I’ve also tried a number of different HDMI cables and both HDMI inputs into the monitor. My hunch is that maybe workbench is a stuck in a non-compatible display mode, as I was using a different monitor prior to getting the OSSC (BenQ BL702A – VGA input only). I switched to my Dell as soon as I got the OSSC. I’ve tried using the BenQ monitor via the OSSC (output HDMI to VGA) but I get a blank screen and powersave mode when trying to load workbench.

    Appreciate there are a myriad of options in the OSSC menu and I’ve had a look through. I’ve noted a few which appear to specify resolutions but I have no idea how to get the OSSC to sync to the resolution the Dell monitor is requesting (if that is possible?).

    Thanks in advance.


    590i is an extremely strange mode that’s for sure and definitely not the default. I’m not surprised your displays can’t handle it.

    Try booting from a fresh copy of Workbench, you can then explore to the hard drive and delete the incompatible monitor driver, this will just reset Workbench back to 288p.


    cheers Bucko, I will try that. I’ve just noticed the v0.88 firmware so might update that too


    ok so we can shut this one down. I set the Amiga up how it was originally connected to the BenQ monitor (without OSSC) and had a look at the workbench display mode. I’d been using some crazy super hi-res mode, so switched it back to regular PAL hi-res. Reconnected back through the OSSC to the Dell monitor and voila! It looks very clean and the colours are somewhat richer. I’ll now play around and see what I can get away with in terms of other display modes. I also noted a post from 2016 I think with profiles for workbench display modes so might play around with them.

    Cheers for the help Bucko, I think I just needed someone to corroborate my workbench theory ha!


    With OSSC in pass through mode for interlace you can also take advantage of Amiga’s interlace modes with little or no flicker. If you’re just using Workbench for e.g launching games the interlace modes tend to be faster than e.g DoublePAL, DoubleNTSC and without the flicker penalty when using a true deinterlacer like you will find in modern HDTVs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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