OSSC VGA interference

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    Sorry for the slow reply, I had been very busy of late with my young bloke and work so havnt had much time to fiddle with things. I decided to scrap the HDMI -> VGA convertor and plug directly into the projector again. I was using the passthrough on an amplifier but i worked out it wasn’t actually passing it through untouched and was intact changing the original resolutions. I can now get 5x lines with adjusting the resolution on the OSSC. Pretty happy with that. I really do appreciate everyone’s help as well.

    The issues I also were having with the Famicom AV and Super Nes flickering has also been solved. It mush have been the amplifier not liking them.

    Pretty happy to say it looks pretty good on a 120inch screen at 5x. I’ll post some pics up later today as I should finally have some time to game as I havnt played a single one since it’s been working.

    Cheers again

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