OSSC with 1440p Monitor and PAL PS1/PS2

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    I’m interested in an OSSC,

    I’ve tried the various basic composite-HDMI adapters and the picture is terrible, so I’m thinking of investing in an OSSC and RGB cable. Initally for use with PS1 and PS2, but potentially adding other 16 bit consoles in due course.

    I’m using this monitor – https://eu.aoc.com/en/monitors/q3279vwfd8/specs

    I own a PAL PS1 and PS2 and plan to get an RGB SCART (interested in recommendations on one of these too!). I will probably just use the PS2 for PS1 games, but would be interested to hear if there is any difference in terms of output/resolution etc.

    My PS2 is modded, but I own original PAL PS1 and PS2 games, so will be playing those, as well as some NTSC games.

    I was all set to buy one when they come in stock next week, until I read http://junkerhq.net/xrgb/index.php?title=OSSC_potential_incompatibilities which lists some incompatibilities which have me slightly concerned :s


    Given the fact that OSSC bob interlacer is not recommended, I would suggest that you consider RAD 2x for PS1/PS2, available for example from videogameperfection. Using that, you don’t even need RGB cable.


    RAD2X uses bob deinterlacing too.

    There are some TVs incompatible with PS2 PAL games and OSSC but you’d have to try it to know for sure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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