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    Hello everyone,

    first and foremost thanks for having me here: I’ve been a lurker for some time and I am onto my first message, now. Thanks for your indirect help, so far. This place is a gold mine 🙂

    I have an Amiga 1200 and an OSSC. Happily connected via RGB->SCART cable from the Amiga to the OSSC and then from the OSSC to my HDTV via an HDMI cable.

    I am wondering:

    1. Is an RGB-to-VGA cable going to be better than an RGB-to-SCART, quality-wise? Or is video quality only in that area only going to be dictated by other characteristics, like cable quality etc?
    2. I built myself an RGB to VGA cable but I get a “no signal” from my OSSC when connecting it. It’s a simple cable with connections, no buffer or weird stuff. Do I need some kind of buffered converter?

    In general I think most people are using a SCART cable, like I am.. but I was wondering if a VGA connection is going to yield better quality, for any number of reasons.



    1) No, SCART is better for the Amiga with the OSSC.

    The VGA input on the OSSC is really designed for clean, 31khz signals, the type you’d get from a PC. For the Amiga you’re dealing with 240p and 480i in games, so connecting via SCART will be better as this input has a low pass filter.

    2) How did you connect sync? Did you choose RGBS input mode for AV3?


    Totally agreed! Thanks for the input, that’s also what I found out. Thanks for confirming it.

    I soldered my own RGB to SCART following Ian’s amazing guide: http://ianstedman.co.uk/amiga-scart-guide/

    and used a VGA cable I had laying around, which has all separate shields + grounds plus an overall shield for the whole cable (nothing fancy, just typical “OK” VGA cables, but what I had before used a normal 8-wire cable with literally ZERO ground).

    Not only does it work but it looks amazing and the noise is basically inexistent even at a gain of 12-13 inside Video in Proc.. I am super happy!


    Hi for me on my Amiga 1200 23pin to VGA and then to OSSC VGA input did give me much better and cleaner picture

    but maybe i have to test the 23pin to Scart again and see if i get any better signal but i do not think it can get any better then the VGA signal i have now it’s very sharp

    OSSC Firmware 0.88a

    here some pictures

    VGA to OSSC_3x_1

    VGA to OSSC_3x_2

    VGA to OSSC_3x_3

    Workbench VGA only
    VGA to OSSC_2x_4

    OSSC -> DVDO iScan Duo -> Blackmagic intensity shuttle usb

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