OSSc with LGX GC550 and FFMpeg (fixed)

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    The issue was with FFMpeg, I needed to specify in the input resolution. Seems obvious but it worked without one with a signal for a different source (straight from a raspberry pi to the aver media box)

    Feel free to delete this topic, thanks!

    Hi folks,

    I have got hold of an OSSC with the intention of streaming video from a SuperGun via an AVerMedia LGX GC550 and FFMpeg. AverMedia’s own ReCentral software display the feed from perfect, but when I am trying to pick it up with FFMpeg I see the AVerMedia ‘out of range’ graphic appearing.

    I realise this may be an FFMpeg problem, they way that the video cards own error screen is showing up for FFMpeg is what’s making me think maybe there’s a tweak that can be made in the OSSC output to fix how FFMpeg picks it up (that the ReCentral software somehow compensates for?)

    Sorry about the noob nature of the question! any help greatly appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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