OSSC without LCD display? is it possible?

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    Well that is the problem, I was cleaning the dust from my ossc, I was not carefull enough and touched the screen very hard, display got broke, it looks like the cassic broken LCD (something like ink stain inside), it still displays the bottom characters and backlight works.
    The ossc works normally, but screen is going to worst everyday, I would like to know if the ossc will keep working after the LCD dies completely? or if remove by myself will I have any problems?
    I don´t think I need the screen since in the last firmware updates I can see the info on my tv, so, can ossc operate if I remove the damaged LCD?



    Removing the LCD should not affect it, however if you are messing with the settings and lose the picture on the TV it can be very useful. Still, you could always just power cycle the unit.


    Thank you, then I will remove it, I was thinking about replacing it, but I find it a little expensive, around 15 dollar and shipping, I mean I have seen a lot of LCD displays for arduino projects etc about $2 dollar or so. Why ossc LCD is that expensive? is there another replacement compatible LCD?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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