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    I got my new OSSC from VGP a week ago, tested it with a PAL and NTSC PS2s using an RGB SCART cable, NTSC Saturn using RGB SCART and PAL GameCube using RGB SCART – all were working perfectly and I was really happy with the results I captured:
    PS2 – https://youtu.be/tF2ecBuyNC8
    Saturn – https://youtu.be/Weds3ziox3w
    GameCube – https://youtu.be/7_YvjHASENo

    I came back to use it a week later, and it isn’t working. It displays the gray test screen, and when I switch to the RGB scart input the red LED starts flashing, it starts cycling through signals on the LCD screen, it will blip to display the correct signal for a fraction of a second. I retest it with all the consoles, same thing.

    This is how the LCD screen looks:

    I saw a post suggesting corrupted firmware can cause this, so I flash the firmware from 0.81a to 0.85-aud – it doesn’t fix it, the OSSC is behaving exactly the same.

    I’ve also seen suggestions that RGB scart cables with sync strippers can damage the OSSC? I don’t know what sync I have on the cables I used, they are all high quality RGB cables I had from years ago, and they all still work perfectly when I connect the cables to my TV with scart input.

    I’ve tried adjusting the sync setting, if I adjust the LPF or Vth it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

    Is there any way to get the OSSC working again? Should I look into RMA or repair?

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


    Please try a settings reset and if that doesn’t help, RMA it.


    Thank you very much for answering BuckoA51.

    I tried a settings reset as you suggested and it didn’t fix, I was still getting the flickering between output settings… at first.

    I tried a few other things – I tried using a PS2 component cable with my PAL SCPH-79003 slim to the component inputs on the OSSC, switched to AV2 YPbPr and it worked perfectly.

    I tried another RGB SCART cable I had for my PSOne with the PAL SCPH-79003 and the OSSC wasn’t flickering between output settings, but the picture had substantial horizontal noise lines: https://youtu.be/7V-qBC0u3QU

    I went back to my PS2 SCART cable with the PAL SCPH-79003 and the flickering between output settings resumed.

    I then went back to my GameCube RGB SCART cable and it was working perfectly again with that.

    I try the PS2 RGB cable with my NTSC SCPH-70012 PS2 slim, it it’s working again!

    So I break out the FAT PS2s:
    PAL SCPH-30003 – RGB SCART is working perfect.
    PAL SCPH-30003-R – RGB SCART is working perfect again.

    I then get a very slight static shock from handling the OSSC< and am worried I could’ve shorted something.

    PSOne: PAL SCPH-5552 – RGB working!

    NTSC JP Saturn: RGB SCART is working now!?

    Back to the PAL SCPH-79003 slim: it is working again with RGB SCART now???

    So at some point, doing the settings reset, and repeatedly powering the OSSC on and off, getting shocked and switching between inputs, has got it back to working with everything.

    It may be a temperamental OSSC unit, I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

    I also opened my RGB SCART cables to check the sync, I don’t think these are csync cables, should I look into upgrading to some better quality cables?:

    View post on imgur.com

    View post on imgur.com

    View post on imgur.com


    There are certainly better quality cables out there that’s for certain 🙂

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