OSSC+DVDO IScan VP50pro with OBS "flashing" issues

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    I am trying to use the OSSC with the DVDO Iscan vp50pro, the console I am using is the SNES. I am using one of the big broadcast software called OBS (open broadcast software), the name of the other software is Xspits. I am using the Xcapture-1 by micomsoft for capturing. I have the ossc settings on 3X mode and the vp5-pro to output 1080p 60Hz. I even tried changing the framerate output on the vp50pro to match the ossc, no matter which setting I use. I get the same result, continuous flashing. I also tried using the Sega Genesis 1, to see if I still get flashing, I do. Any ideas why I am getting the flashing, I also tried it with a tv Sony XBR6, just to make sure it’s not the capture card, same results.


    So are you saying once you take OBS out of the chain the picture still flashes?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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