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    Hi there,

    Would it be possible to have a setting that sets the output v-sync/h-sync polarity (Pos/Neg/Pass Through)?
    My capture card won’t work unless this is set correctly.

    By the way, plugging a Genesis II to a TV via the OSSC and the XRGB mini, the later initially shows a negative v-sync/h-sync input on the status page but switch to a positive v-sync/h-sync as soon as I change a video setting on the OSSC, like going from Line2x to Line3x. I have to reboot the OSSC to restore the negative polarity.

    Might be a bug on the framemeister but could you explain the default OSSC behavior?



    OSSC currently always outputs at negative H&V polarity. It should be possible to add an option for custom polarity once the sync generation code is cleaned up a bit.


    Hmm, very interesting, I see from some TV manuals and CEA spec sheet that most resolutions above 480p use positive sync polarity. Will be very interesting to see if this contributes to display incompatibilites…


    Ok, thanks for the info.

    I retried my test the other way around: after 3 reboots of the framemeister without touching the OSSC, the status page switched from NEG/NEG to POS/POS.

    I conclude that there is a glitch on the framemeister side.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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