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    I have been using the OSSC for months now with RGB SCART cables and love it, however my cheapo TV is in dire need of replacing due to its horrible input lag performance. There is a monitor that I am interested in purchasing that is compatible with the OSSC and has an 8.5ms input lag rating at 60hz (almost CRT speeds!), but it does not have an audio output jack. I am using the OSSC to stream, so I need the HDMI signal to have both the video and the audio for my capture device.

    Unfortunately, whenever I plug a 3.5mm jack into the OSSC, the audio stops playing from the HDMI feed. Is there a way to retain the audio with HDMI while using the 3.5mm jack simultaneously to an external audio source? My capture card does not have a 3.5mm jack input option, so I am not able to split the audio from the OSSC’s RCA output source… I could get an HDMI Audio splitter, but that would add another AC Adapter to plug in, which I am trying to avoid here. Thanks for your help!


    Just use a HDMI splitter instead, one output to your display, the other to your capture card.

    Edit: ok I think I misunderstood your problem initially.
    Actually, it should be no problem to get audio out of the AV1/2 3.5 mm jack, simultaneously with hdmi audio output. Make sure the switch is set to AV1 out, instead of AV2 in.


    Thanks for your reply. Do you mean by moving the switch that you need like a needle or something to reach next to the 3.5mm output jack? I have tested with the switch in both directions, and neither of them will output audio simultaneously with the HDMI. I either get audio via the HDMI output, or audio via the 3.5mm headphone jack – Not both at the same time. However, moving the switch closest to the edge of the OSSC prevented me from getting any audio out of the 3.5mm jack entirely.

    Sorry for the confusing/unclear question. Basically, I can’t get the OSSC to output both HDMI audio and headphone audio at the same time. If I have the headphones plugged in, the audio is no longer carried over the HDMI. The moment I unplug the headphones/speakers, the HDMI audio comes back.


    You’re going to have to split the signal at some point, be it on the SCART side of the OSSC or the HDMI side. If you split on the SCART side, you’ll need a SCART distribution amp/splitter (try here), a male-to-male SCART lead (to hook the splitter to the OSSC), something like this to get audio out of the splitter, and a stereo RCA to RCA/3.5mm TRS/whatever cable. I think the main downside here is complication of the analogue portion, which may lead to interference and/or loss of quality.

    If you split on the HDMI end (assuming your capture card doesn’t have a loop-out port), you’ll probably need an HDMI splitter, an HDMI audio extractor (or an AVR with speakers), two additional HDMI cables, and whatever audio cable you’d need to connect the extractor to your audio setup.

    (Edit: Oof, those link styles.)


    Thanks for the input, and thank you for confirming that the OSSC currently cannot output audio on both 3.5mm RCA and HDMI simultaneously (at exactly the same time, not swapping outputs).

    For documentation sake, the OSSC gives priority to the AV1 out if both an HDMI output and 3.5mm RCA output are plugged in at the same time. The OSSC audio output will automatically switch back to HDMI when you unplug the headphones or speakers.

    I already have an AC adapter powered HDMI splitter that feeds one HDMI source to my capture card and the other to my TV. I didn’t want to add yet another splitter that requires another power supply, so was hoping there was an easy work-around by telling the OSSC to output two audio signals (one to HDMI and one to 3.5mm RCA). I have purchased a different monitor, and will update the sticky monitor compatibility thread when it arrives and I am able to test it myself. Thank you for your help!!

    Edit: Haha, my PC monitor is displaying hyperlinks strangely as well. Oof, indeed. Hahaha.

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