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    Antony Carter

    Would be nice if there was support for more pal resolutions out of the box, i recently discovered that the internal resolution of some Pal games are 256p so none of the provided 240p Optim modes work for these games without cutting off the top and the bottom of the picture.

    I understand these new modes would probably only work for those of us that are using monitors as they would be none standard outputs, but it would still be nice.

    Games ive found so far
    Ape Escape is 384×256
    Wipeout 3 is 512×256

    I did figure out how to make 4:3 images out of these resolutions but it took me probably 2 days of tinkering to understand how it all works, so yeah support out of the box would be a good addition.

    My guess is there may also be other games out there with 256 or even higher vertical resolutions, but ive yet to find a list for pal games.


    The functionality to change V.Active is already there in advanced settings, and has always been possible. People just need to research to understand how it works. Optimized mode is an “advanced” mode after all.
    At this point Marqs is busy developing OSSC Pro, which I personally think is a better use of his time.


    I had quite a few people say they found the PAL console support not great and where put off buying an OSSC as a result, doesn’t help Junker HQ doesn’t have timings for PAL consoles either.

    Companies like Rare used some odd resolution tricks on some of their PAL NES games like Snake Rattle n’Roll, so much so that game on NES breaks the picture on some of the upscalers I’ve used in the past. Having some standard option for PAL games would help, but there are a lot of different PAL resolutions used in-games on consoles, which would require a lot of research. While the advance features help, in PAL games I often find that the minute you use then on PAL titles you lose the signal, due to the highly unusual resolutions they create.

    From my experience with PAL titles and the OSSC normally passthrough and x2 tend to work on most systems in PAL by default. As someone with access to quite a few PAL consoles and games I would be happy to help in improving support. Certainly I feel it should be looked at more at some point in the future.

    By default the Saturn and PS1 support for PAL consoles is decent, here’s two examples of PAL captures with the OSSC:
    Whizz Sega Saturn 50Hz:
    Rapid Reload PlayStation 50Hz:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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