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    Hi, I’ve already done this mod before but this time I have some ideas to simplify it substantially, but I’m no electronics expert so would like some feedback.

    The mod I did was this

    Some ideas are:

    1) Instead of lifting the pins, cut the traces instead (although soldering to pin 24 while it is down could prove difficult)
    2) Don’t add a switch, instead ground these pins to force 60hz, therefore I don’t need a resistor either (I only use SFC games or flash cart)
    3) Why would a resistor be needed, when these pins are wired to 5v without any resistor (I’ve tested with a multimeter)
    4) Why use the voltage regulator when there is ground and 5v nearer the chips, is this just for ease of access when you are going that way for the switch anyway?

    Many thanks for your thoughts and ideas.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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