PAL SNES above 3x flickering issues?

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    So i have owned my OSSC for a couplke of days, and i absolutely love it, but i am having a few issues with my PAL SNES(non modded) on anything above 3x.

    The actual picture is superb, but i get a lot of pixel flickering, i have tried various things people have mentioned online, and it doesnt affect the quality to the point where i would say it was a problem(i am actually using the 5x over the 3x due to the far superior picture quality and screen size) but wondered if it is something i am missing?

    I am running it through a SONY OLED, and i know there may be issues with the TV, but i dont have another TV to try it on, i also do have other consoles i could try, but they are currently in storage/not available, i do have a video available also so you can see the issue

    Flickering pixels

    I have tried playing around with various settings, but it only seems to be an issue once i go above 3x




    If this is optimized mode, looks like you should adjust phase slightly. If it’s in generic mode, then I’d say it is maybe an issue with your hdmi cable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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