PAL SNES + Composite + OSSC + Sony TV = Audio but no video

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    Tim Bedford

    Yes this is a SNES problem, according to the stickies there are all manner of issues with using SNES on OSSC however I’ve read through those and they are no help.

    Firstly I have no other 240p devices to check to see if OSSC is working or not; I have 2 UK PAL SNES, neither show any video when connected to the TV via OSSC. Both will display with the expected crappy quality when the SCART connector is connected directly to my TV.

    My TV is a Sony Bravia KDL-32W705B. This screen has been reported as compatible according to the OSSC compatibility/test chart, as tested by BuckoA51.

    Both of my SNES are model SNSP-001A (UKV), the first is an early version, the second a late 1-chip.

    I’m using an official Nintendo Multi-Out to Composite to SCART cable (the one with yellow, red and white cables).

    OSSC shows firmware 0.81a and the grey test screen displays. I don’t have a SD card right now to update to the latest firmware.

    When either SNES is powered on the OSSC screen shows:
    AV1: RGBS 312p
    15.59kHz 49.99Hz

    The TV detects a signal of 576p resolution and stereo audio. However the is no video displayed at all.

    OSSC is set to the default x2 display mode.

    Any ideas as for what is wrong? I’m hoping for some advice before I spend more money on an SD card or possibly a component cable.

    Also note that I am plugging the OSSC directly into my TV via HDMI. I originally tried it via my Marantz AV amp but I removed that from the equation.


    OSSC is not compatible with composite, you must use a properly wired RGB cable.

    Tim Bedford

    Yes, the retrogamingcables one will do nicely, get the sync-on-luma version.

    Tim Bedford

    Will the CSync version of that cable work? They don’t appear to have the basic sync on luma version available any more.

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    Yes, with OSSC you can use CSYNC no problem as long as the cable is properly wired to bring the voltage down to the correct levels for SCART (and RGC cables have been for several years now).

    However, there’s really no need to use a sync separator as seems to be the case with this cable and while it’s unlikely to cause any issues it’s usually best avoided.

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    Tim Bedford

    The RGC cable arrived and it works great. In fact the picture is probably too good. I’m happy to be able to play my SNES games again on original hardware rather than just using emulation. This lockdown for Covid-19 doesn’t seem so bad now.

    Thanks for your help.

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