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    Hello all. I just got the OSSC barebones kit, and just started sourcing the parts on Mouser. I noticed that some parts were out of stock (as well as everywhere else) and had some pretty friggin’ insane lead times. Now I understand why it takes so long to get anything electronic built in a reasonable amount of time. 31 weeks???!!! Yikes! Anywho, I was wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction to find the following OOS parts or if marqs would know what substitutions would work. I’m not a complete noob to electronics but I don’t want to source some substituted part and not work with in the spec of the device. These are the ones I can’t get ahold of:

    Everlight – IRM-V538/TR1 IR Receiver
    ON Semiconductor – NCP703SN19T1G – voltage regulator
    Kobiconn – 161-3507-E – 3.5mm phone jack
    Kobiconn – 163-179PH-EX – 2.1mm DC jack
    Vishay – CRCW06031K50FKEA – SMD 1.5kohm film resistor
    Vishay/Beyschlag – MCT06030C4701FP500 – SMD 4.7kohm film resistor

    I probably could sub the resistors no prob, but I figure I would check with the experts, before I make any modifications. Thanks in advance, and I can’t wait to get started building this project, I think it will be fun!(hopefully I can finish before jan. 2018, thanks a lot ON semiconductor! 🙁 )

    Seattle, WA USA


    I had similar problems. But a lot of the parts (or similar replacements) are available on aliexpress. Sadly most of them you can’t buy as a single piece, but have to buy in larger quantities. For example the IRM-V538/TR1 is only available as a package of 10 pieces:

    … which (obviously) isn’t as cheap as a single one. There may be some electrically compatible IR receivers available too, but not with the same case/construction type.

    As a compatible replacement for the DC jack i bought these package of 10 pieces:

    They fit perfectly and are cheap as hell. I just hope, they won’t fall apart while soldering 😉 .

    The voltage regulator is available too – but (again) only at a larger quantity (5 pcs):

    Finding compatible resistors should be no problem at all. You only have to take care that the power-rating, tolerance and (of course) resistance and (last but not least) size are the same. There’s some room in all those values – but i’m no electronics engineer either, so i always try to find the most similar substitute available.

    Sadly i couldn’t find a replacement for the two phone jacks needed. I bet, there are some on aliexpress too… but the search function is always kind of a gamble, since weird translations of the description make it hard the find particular things sometimes.


    I think those leads times should be taken as a guide only. I remember seeing a high number of weeks for a component in approx September ast year, but it ended up shipping within 2 weeks, not the 8-10 weeks that was initially advised.

    Good luck with the hunt, I recorded I’m my BOM the sites I used to find extra parts. I’ll check over the weekend to see if I have anything that might help you guys now.


    Thanks guys for the help I’ll be around on the weekend if you extra parts u might wanna get rid of bonzo



    Only parts I have left are the right-angled SCART connector. I can send one of those out for the cost of postage.

    I’m in Australia so unless you are also, it might be more cost of effective to just buy the miminum order from AliExpress…

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