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    I plan to buy the ossc for my retro pcs. I would like to cover the 90s, dos/windows, but my modern monitor does not have analog input.

    It looks fine for the vga input, but i did not find too much information about the higher, and the trickier vesa resolutions. Many demos uses special vesa modes, eg 512×384, 400×300, and i also would like to use for windows with 1024×768.

    Can these modes work fine? Thx!


    Someone more knowledgeable can correct me, but I expect the OSSC would digitize these resolutions just fine; however, I’m not sure that the 512×384 or 400×300 modes would be recognized by your monitor. The OSSC might be able to line-double 512×384 to 1024×768, but 400×300 is more of an oddball.

    I have an old PC in the garage that I could test your use case with. What version(s) of DOS are you running, and which games?


    If I recall correctly, VESA modes like 320×200 and 400×300 were doublescanned internally (otherwise they would have required a multisync monitor) so OSSC should treat them like 640×400 or 800×600.


    ive checked a riva128 vesa bios (3.0):

    640×400 70hz
    over this everything 60hz
    below this doublescanned (400×300 – 800×600 etc)

    my dell 2007fp shows every 200, 400 lines as 720×400 70hz.

    can the ossc handle higher res inputs, eg 1280×1024?


    i tried my display (lg 34uc88) with the nvidia control panel custom resolutions – it supports every modes from 50hz to 70hz. i did not think, it is so flexible.


    The OSSC will handle higher resolutions as pass through, but does a great job. 1280×960, 1280×1024, 1280p, 1080i/p – I’ve tested them all, all work great, and splitting the signal directly to a low-latency PC monitor or through the OSSC to a separate low-latency HDMI screen, there is no input delay.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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