PC/gaming monitors + OSSC?

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    Looking for some advice – ideally a recommended PC/gaming monitor that works well with OSSC for MD/PCE and Saturn.

    I have a Sony BVM but space is an issue. Also want to avoid using consoles on the TV where my kids can get at them!

    I thought a PC/gaming monitor (low-lag, 1ms?) + OSSC might be the way forward. Correct me if I’m wrong – would much rather not waste money on tech that won’t do as good a job.

    Thanks for any help.


    Of course, OSSC works great on most PC monitors.


    Excellent. Any recommendations? Baffled by the choice (haven’t gamed on PC for over 15 years!). Would ideally like something that could also happily run Xbox One S. Thanks


    A caveat is that many monitors do not accept interlaced signals. Many (including myself) prefer to run the OSSC in passthrough for 480i/576i because the bob-deinterlacing can be be perceived as distractingly flickery (also depends on your viewing distance somewhat).

    If you order the ossc, test it on your regular tv with any interlaced saturn game you have, so you get a sense how the bob-deinterlace suits you, or you have to research carefully to ensure your planned monitor can take interlaced.


    I’ll re-phrase my question a little to clarify what I’m hoping someone can share:

    What monitor (make/model) are people using with the OSSC?



    I have a HP LV2311 which works well with the OSSC. The specs for it say 5ms I believe, but it is unnoticeable, imho. VGA and DVI input only, though.


    I’m using an Asus VG275Q (27″, 1080p), exclusively as a retrogaming/OSSC monitor.
    I’ll try to write down some pros and cons, hoping it can be of some help:

    + it’s a gaming monitor (1ms), and I can confirm it performs remarkably well with all my consoles (MD, Saturn, PS1, PS2, original XBOX, GameCube, GBA through Game Boy Interface…)
    + greatly versatile, both in terms of aspect ratio controls and mobility. It can be rotated 90° clockwise AND counterclockwise, which is especially useful with all those older SHMUPS that didn’t come with extensive display settings
    + picture quality and color fidelity (in sRGB mode, at least) are actually pretty good, in spite of it being a TN monitor
    + as a TN display, it grants perfect stability with interlaced sources, and doesn’t suffer from flicker retention like IPS’ tend to do
    + once again, due to its technology, backlight bleed and corners’ glow are pretty much non existent issues
    + it allows to save up to 4 different color profiles
    + it supports every OSSC video mode (except 480i Line3x)

    – build quality isn’t the best (we’re talking about a 250/300-ish euros monitor, but I expected more nonetheless)
    – scaling capabilities appear to be very limited. Scanlines only look great in Line2x mode, while in Line4x they are uneven and basically unusable: it’s not a problem, to me personally – as I love Line2x and I use it for everything – but I realize it could be a huge constraint for many others
    – I assume due to the previous point, 480i passthrough is out of whack, unfortunately (stretched to fullscreen and blurry… A giant mess)

    All that said, I’m not sure how well the Asus would fare with an XBOX One. If you want to use only one monitor for both retro and current gaming, a 1440p (or straight up 4K) solution could probably fit the bill better than a full HD one.


    Fantastic – thanks for the replies, have seen that ASUS model recommended elsewhere.

    Haven’t been tempted enough by next gen consoles tbh, and was asking a lot for an all-in-one solution.

    One final question please: anyone using a gaming monitor with the Super Nt and 8Bitdo wireless controllers notice any *additional* lag (assuming latest firmware installed)?

    I’m not doing speed runs, just interested to know if the gaming monitor lag + 8Bitdo controller causes additional problems.

    Thanks again for everyone’s help, greatly appreciated.

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