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    I’m looking for guidance on how to calibrate colors for each console and save them in a profile. Instructions I’ve used for calibrating against the SMPTE bars assume an analog dial for brightness, contrast, and color/hue. I’m not sure how that relates to the controls afforded by the OSSC.

    From what I understand, there are three groups of settings available to affect these:

    1. Pre-ADC Gain: Coarse gain (contrast) to prevent clipping the input signal. Question: Should I *start* with this when calibrating? If so, how do I know when it’s properly aligned?
    2. R/G/B Gain: Finer-detail gain (contrast). Question: when should I be tweaking an individual channel’s gain?
    3. R/G/B Offset: Brightness, at least when applied equally. Questions: Should I do this after I’ve twiddled with the Pre-ADC Gain? When should I use this as my color/hue adjuster, and when should I use the gain as color/hue?


    This is something I’ve wondered about too. Normally I will just do a simple basic calibration using something like digital video essentials DVD and blu ray (since calibration should be different for SD and HD) and leave it at that, but with the OSSC profiles there is the potential to calibrate with more granularity for individual consoles. I wonder if this is something someone with a fine eye for detail like FBX could comment on?

    To answer the second part of your question if you’re doing just a basic calibration (i.e you don’t have a colour meter) then things like HD video essentials will give you a bit of coloured plastic to look through, when e.g Red is calibrated as close as possible you can tell by looking through the plastic as it will match whats on the screen. It’s crude but better than nothing.


    Yeah, I have some blue gel glasses from THX that I’ve used to calibrate my PVM. But I noticed my Neo Geo was noticeably dimmer on the OSSC. I started fiddling with RGB Gain and then said “wait, I don’t know exactly what all of these settings actually do.”

    Here are the instructions I have used in the past for my PVM:

    My guess is that I should probably:
    1. Fire up PLUGE bars in 240p suite
    2. Use RGB Offset to calibrate based off the IRE
    3. Use Pre-ADC Gain as coarse contrast to get in the neighborhood
    4. Use RGB Gain to fine-tune contrast
    5. Use RGB Offset to tune color

    …but wanted to hear from people with better eyes or better understanding of the pre- and post-impacts of these.


    Use the Pre-ADC gain together with the gray ramp to find the highest setting without clipping the brightest bars. Then adjust fine gain.

    Use individual color gain to adjust the color balance. I use a capture card for calibrating but you should be able to use the OSSC mask feature on your display. Set OSSC mask to full white or just below full white then use the 240p white screen test and match the intensity with the custom color settings. Then adjust OSSC fine gain to match the color to the mask color.

    Offset is used to adjust the black level. You can use the gray ramp and make sure the darkest bars are distinct. I haven’t needed to change the default offset yet with my consoles.


    Huge help, thank you for this! I’ll give it a try this weekend.

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