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    Hello: I recently purchased an OSSC and so far very happy with it. I am trying to interface with an original Intellivision console, non-modded so it has the standard RF output. So my setup is the Intellivision output on Ch 3/4, to an RF demodulator that outputs its audio directly to the OSSC, and the composite video to a composite to a YPbPr converter that then goes to the OSSC AV2 YPbPr input. I know there’s a couple of conversions taking place before the input gets to the OSSC, but I have verified that the incoming signal to the OSSC is decent or about as good as I can get for now. By default, the OSSC is definitely improving the picture quality but I’ve been looking for ways to further ehnance the video quality if possible. Mostly there’s still a fair amount of color bleeding going on with some areas, but other areas and colors the areas are pretty sharp.
    I’ve read up but I’m not finding as much info on these early consoles that have RF output. Are there any settings that I can look at, to help???

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