Power outage, now no video out on HDMI!

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    I had a power outage and now I don’t have video out! No checker board test pattern or anything. I was playing my snes when it happend. Thankfully the snes outputs video on my other tv’s and devices. The OSSC itself does not. I’ve searched the forums and I couldn’t find anything similar. Any idea where I should be looking on the board? What needs to be replaced? I can order the parts and solder them myself if know what may need to be changed. Help! (Originally purchased on Jan of 2018 from VGP)


    My guess would be the IT6613E but unfortunately it’s very hard to say.


    Hi! I have a similar issue on my 3 year old unit. I didn’t have a power outage, but I’m suddenly not getting any video out. Just curious if you were able to problem solve this at all? Thanks!

    Jon Nielsen

    That’s a bummer. Happened to me once with my brand new PC. Most things fried, and the insurance company issued a total replacement, but were kind enough to send back my harddrives which were amazingly functional. I think you could consider the OSSC damaged, but lucky thing with the SNES!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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