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    Hi All, having some problems with the allow upsample2x function when using DTV 480p, but not when using VESA 640×480.

    My set up is as follows:

    NS1 NTSC N64 connected via S-Video (GC Purple Monster Cable) to RetroTink2x
    Cable Matters mini HDMI to VGA adapter
    VGA cable from Adapter to OSSC AV3 input
    OSSC fw 0.78a (Latest Version)
    Display: HP 27f (Very similar to the popular HP 27er)

    My monitor handles all OSSC modes fine with the exception of Line5x which it cannot do

    Currently I am running the RetroTink2x in Line2x mode and feeding its 480p output into my OSSC, then using 480p Line2x out of the OSSC. This works fine except I am having some trouble with allow upsample2x. It only works when using DTV 480p, when I use VESA 640×480 and turn on upsample2x, it will work initially but after a short time the screen will begin to cut out intermittently. The green sync light remains lit the entire time for all cases, whether DTV 480p or VESA, and regardless of whether upsample2x is on/off.

    The problem with using DTV 480p is it gives the incorrect aspect ratio, while VESA gives the correct one. I like the look of upsample2x but not at the cost of incorrect aspect ratio. Any idea how I can I make upsample2x work properly on VESA? Or how to get the correct aspect ratio when using DTV 480p?

    Many thanks!


    0.78a is not the latest FW, it’s up to 0.81 now.

    You can try adjusting to 640 while using dtv sampling.


    Try to change the sampling phase or H.samplerate when it loses sync.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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