PS1 CD player screen burned into OSSC?

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    PS1 burned into OSSC

    The images speak for themselves really, but if anyone needs anymore info, I was listening to an audio CD on my PS1. I didn’t even leave it on the CD player screen the whole time the CD played, I had it on the visualizers and only had it on this one for a few minutes after the CD ended before I shut the PlayStation off.

    The image shows up when I turn the OSSC off and on again, when I use other systems via SCART, and on the other inputs (in the album the PS2 is connected via component cables)

    I don’t want to ruin my OSSC, please help


    That’s not the OSSC it’s your monitor… I’ve never seen it happen as quick as that before though.


    It can happen very quickly sometimes depending on the base flickering colors, and of course in particular with the OSSC set to bob deinterlacing which is so sharp it exacerbates the potential issue.

    Anyway on IPS panels (which btw I assume is quite likely what we’re seeing) it is temporary, the burn marks will go away with time, but you can hasten the recovery by playing this kind of video:

    Just remember when you play to not leave any deinterlaced flickering contents on for more than a just very few minutes, it’s a bit annoying but that’s just how cheap IPS displays are these days; they can look very good and accurate but they’re also rather weak products overall (temporary burn and backlight bleed)

    As for the OSSC it is not responsible for the issue, being a progressive signals-focused device it doesn’t feature advanced anti-flicker, but maybe the future OSSC Pro will (?)


    I was convinced that it was the OSSC because I tested it on my PC and it didn’t show up, probably because the IPS display cleared itself up beforehand.

    That’s good to know though thanks guys


    There is a warning in the official wiki, although it does not specify ‘in particular IPS panel displays’ which I think it should.

    Beware of using the OSSCs Line2x (bob) or Line4x (bob) deinterlacing modes on sources that display static graphics or text for a long period of time. The OSSCs deinterlacer produces a constant flickering effect. This can cause image retention/burn in to occur faster than normal.

    Once, after experiencing the same thing with the OSSC on an IPS, I wanted to try clean-scaled and unfiltered emulated games that feature flickering contents, like the title screen of Progear, and the burn triggered rather soon and was brutal, well-defined, kinda in the same fashion.

    methinks, what participates;
    a. sharper, unsmoothed scaling = fully exposed, less diffuse flickering (flicker more precisely localized on specific pixels where it happens)
    b. purer colors to switch to back and forth = greater strain on the crystals
    a+b = greater than usual flicker intensity that exhausts wimpy IPS crystals too soon

    In short; manufacturers surely always knew about the limits but never thought anyone would try their panels with such ‘brutal’ signals lol.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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