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    Hello looking for some advice on the ps1, I’m having trouble getting a picture from the ps1 on the ossc. Basically I have a normal ps1 PAL and a psone PAL and a sync on luma cable so the normal ps1 gets a picture fine but it can barely read a disc and has to be turned on its side so that’s basically over but the psone console cannot get a picture without a good hour of fiddling with the analog sync vth setting. The Psone is actually csync modded so I’m wondering if that’s the problem? as I have a sync on luma cable so should I be using a csync cable? sorry if this is obvious but I just don’t know and here in the UK retro gaming cables barely has anything on sale these day’s so I can’t just try a cable and wondering if I should get an unmodded csync psone.

    Ty for help

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