PS1 Silent Hill 240p / 480i menu & sound issues

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    Hi there,

    The ossc seems to switch fast enough between the resolutions when accessing the menu, but i notice at times when leaving the menu (at 480i) and then switching back to 240p for gameplay the audio will completely cut out. I’ll have to enter the menu again for sound to come back and then switch back to the game again.

    Is this a known issue/side effect of switching resolutions? is there anything I can do to stop this from happening so much?



    This one is new to me. How are you handling sound? Is it just TV speakers, TV to soundbar, an AVR, or something else?

    If you’re using an AVR, does this happen when directly connected to the TV?

    If you’re just connecting to a TV, does this happen with any other TVs, or just the one in question?

    One thing I’d try is, when you end up with no sound, what happens when you disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable? Does the audio come back?


    You might want to try enabling “Full TX setup” in compatibility menu.


    So, I’m using a USB3DHDCAP and listening to it through my computer, but I’m unable to get audio even after resetting the device completely, which made me think that it’s the ossc causing the issue. I will attempt to reproduce it directly plugged into the TV via HDMI

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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