PS2 480i Line x4 / 480p Line x2 modes horizontal black bars?

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    Hello, I’m a new owner of OSSC, and I’m trying to navigate the intricacies of this device. I’m also trying to learn and understand some things about resolutions and other display related stuff with the consoles that I own.

    I was trying out the PS2 connected to the OSSC, and I noticed that when I use Line x4 on 480i or Line x2 on 480p, I end up having black bars on the top and on the bottom of my screen. On 480i Passtrough and Line x2 modes or on 480p Passtrough mode this does not happen.

    My PS2 is a fat PAL model, modded with FMCB, and I’m running games from an IDE HDD trough OPL. I’m using component cables connected to the OSSC, and my TV is a Samsung 4K TV (a cheap one).I’m also playing all my games in 4:3 mode. All the games I’ve tried are NTSC versions. I also noticed that my TV switches to some sort of a “PC mode” when using Line x4 on 480i and Line x2 on 480p, a mode which disables several picture related options in my TV’s menu.

    So what I’m asking is that is this normal to have those black bars in those modes? Or does it have something to do with my TV enabling the “PC mode”? Can I do something about them? This also happens on my Wii connected to the OSSC with component cables in 480p Line x2 mode.


    Yes that would be expected. The output is 960p, and in PC mode minimal scaling is the norm. Sounds like it simply does nearest neighbor scaling from 960 to 1920 and then lets that sit in the middle of the 2160 display (analogous to unscaled 960p on a 1080p display). This case is considered ideal by many gamers who find non-integer scaling on the vertical axis abhorrent.

    The 480i/480p modes are recognized by your TV as standard formats and are therefor scaled according to whatever the manufacturer has decided for the mode.


    Thanks for the answer. I wonder if there is a way to disable that forced “PC mode” on my tv. Searching the web has not given me any meaningful results.


    PS2 games typically render 448 lines at 60 Hz and up to 512 lines at 50 Hz, giving black bars above and below the rendered picture. When feeding a TV a 480i or 480p image, it usually crops it by some degree (between 2 and 6%), simulating overscan and hiding much or the entirety of those black bars. When fed a PC graphics mode, the TV won’t do this cropping.


    One other thing that I noticed is that when I’m using these modes on my tv, the picture is sharp but also has this weird fuzzyness, I don’t know how to describe it. Is this also a result of my tv’s “PC mode” ?


    It might be using a fairly soft scaling method when receiving a PC resolution for input. That’s a compromise made to reduce moiré in fine patterns.

    But if the picture is sharp with the pixels having rounded corners and seeming to merge together along diagonal edges, it’s using an edge adaptive scaling mode similar to what it does with video sources.

    The same can also produce sharp edges that have some softness around them, as if a sharp picture was overlaid onto a soft picture.


    This is how Wario Land on Wii looks in 480p Line x2 (with Allow upsample 2x On):

    And this is how it looks in 480p Passtrough:

    Interestingly this game has no black bars in 480p Line x2 mode, I’m guessing because it has overscan?


    The first screenshot shows some horizontal loss in resolution, which might partly be due to lowpass filtering on the output from the Wii, and partly because the OSSC is oversampling the input, capturing the soft transitions between pixels.

    The second screenshot shows the typical edge adaptive scaling most TVs use these days.

    It’s probably a bit more common for Wii games to use the full 480 line raster than PS2 games.



    I know this post was for a different setup but I do have a similar TV resolution but using a Wii.

    I have a Hisense R6 4K 65″ TV max resolution is 3840×2160 and was wondering if the these settings are correct to use with a Wii also?
    Setup is: On Wii the settings are on 480P/16:9>Output to OSSC via component (HD Retrovision Wii/Wii U Premium YPbPr Component Video Cable)>Mclassic>HDMI in on TV.

    Iv’e played with different setting and the Hisense can take many modes 480p, 1080p, 1440 etc. that I’ve tried but usually looks soft or blurry. I also have an Mclassic and am looking for a sharp picture? Iv’e tried all other combinations and nothing looks decent?

    So are these setting below correct and the best maximum sharpest setting for a 4K to try? Or do I have it all wrong?? I’m new to all this apologies. Just want the best image and aspect ratio like the OP. I have different zoom options also but try to not use them but will if needed on the TV.

    Line2x, H. Active to 960 and V.Active to 544. If yes then what are the other setting to be set as?

    768×432? lineX2: ON
    H. samplerate:?
    H. synclen:?
    H. active: 960
    V. active: 544
    H. backporch:?
    V. backporch:?

    I also ordered Hyperkin HD Cable for Wii thinking to bypass the OSSC and go to the Mclassic right to the TV for a better image? I’ve never heard anyone do that so I maybe the first?

    Thank you kindly.

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