PS2 480i MUCH Better with latest firmware – Thank You!

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    Just wanted to say thanks to the dev team for the latest firmware update. With the custom scanline options, finally able to setup ‘high-res’ style scanlines in 480i 4x mode and this really improves the look of 480i ps2 games to my eyes while playing on a big 55″ OLED tv.

    For those curious what I’m referring to..
    With Firmware .83, we can now setup the scanline strength of each each and every row of pixel depending on the resolution the OSSC is outputting. Previously, the only options for PS2 480i games was to have alternating scanlines to sort of mimic 480 interlaced sources or to have 240p style scanlines, which essentially blanks out every other line completely, which isn’t good for ps2 games. This was the case even for 480i 4x mode, which output a 960p signal from the OSSC to the TV.
    Now with the new options, you can blank out every other line of the 960p signal, essentially giving you high-res VGA style scanlines for PS2 480i games. In my opinion, this is a much better look for PS2 games on a modern TV and makes the BOB De-interlacing much less distracting.

    Thank you very much to Marqs and the devs who work on the OSSC. It’s really great to get these upgrades just from simple updates.


    Hi asgiov,

    Can you give me your settings ? (custom scanline options).

    François from France

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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