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    Firstly just wanted to thank everyone for all the really useful information on the site, I’m still learning a lot about how to tweak my ossc although 99% of the time it doesnt need any tweak at all due to the excellent work everyone has put in to this device.

    I’ve just rearranged my setup at home and noticed something odd on ps2, when playing RTYPE Final I noticed some screen wobble, this was using a Pal PS2, running at 60hz, using the Component cable in 2x mode to my Sony 32″ TV.

    I dont recall seeing the wobble before but moved all wires in case router / psu were causing any interference, my question is would I be better using RGB Scart on PS2, my PS2 is the slim version if that makes a difference ?

    Sorry to ask if its already covered, as I said 99% of the time it just works and this may always have been an issue – I’ve been reading on the PAL to NTSC timing issues on the Megadrive and am seeking either an NTSC one or waiting for a fitting service to be available for the Dual Oscillator 🙂 I now wonder if the PS2 is having the same issue or I’m just noticing something which was always there because I’ve laid my setup out better so its easier 🙂

    Thanks in advance for any advice


    I have had the exact same issue using x2. I have switched to only using Passthrough as to me it looks about the same and has no screen wobble. You could also use something like GSM or Xploder to boot into 480p where you can do x2 without the wobble.


    The majority of PS2 games run in interlace (480i/576i). For interlace sources you can have nice picture quality or low input lag, but not both. A little wobble/shimmer or flicker is a side effect of the lag-free deinterlacing the OSSC does. If input lag is not a concern, use pass through mode and let your display handle the deinterlacing. Deinterlacers in TVs obviously prioritise picture quality over input lag.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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