Ps2 games that support 240p natively?

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    So I was looking at the list of ps2 games that support alternate display modes today. That fact that there are ps2 titles that natively support 240p had never caught my eye before, but did now, and I am testing them out via the ossc.

    If anybody knows how to consistently force these games into 240p mode (and not with softmods or anything other than how Sony/the game developer intended), please share. Below are the results I’ve gotten so far

    Gradius 3 goes to 240p mode via ossc, gradius 4 does not (stays in 480i mode). This was true via component cables and scart cable.

    Megaman collection x I can see it switching to 240p momentarily then switching back, at screen transitions. It is effectively always 480i. I only tested with component out.

    Sega ages space harrier collection is 480i constantly and no apparent way to change in game. I only tested with component out.

    For the one scart test, ps2 video mode was set to rgb and full screen (not 16:9 or 4:3). For the component tests, ps2 video mode was set to ypbpr and full screen.

    I dont have any belief that this is related to the ossc, but hoping some here will now how to get 240p mod put of those games that support it natively.


    I don’t know if you mean this list but as far as I understand they should just either run directly in 240p, or there is a menu option.

    Edit: regarding megaman x collection, later in the thread:
    ”The games run in their native resolution but the videos for X3-X6 run in 480i for some reason. One thing to note is every time you get a game over or beat a level you are taken to the memory card save menu which is in 480i. ”

    It’s also possible it depends on which region the game is.


    Thanks for the feedback. I was looking at this list:

    I thought it would be fun to scale up some ps2 games to line5x but it seems like its more hassle than it’s worth. Gradius only one of the 2 games run at 240p and otherwise is in 480i. Megaman collection is 240p in game with a lot of switching to 480i. Space harrier collection says it can be toggled in game but I found nowhere to toggle it. Meh, I might try a few other titles, but again, seems more hassle than it’s worth.


    You have the space harrier II collection right (vol 20)? The first one is only 480i.

    Maybe you can tweet coury from MLiG, or ask Fudoh on shmups, they will know how to activate (it is shown in latest MLiG video).

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