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    I just got the OSSC V1.7 to plug my PS2 SCPH-39004 PAL to my TV (only HDMI, 4K)

    I also got a good component cable (HD retrovision) to plug the ps2 to the OSSC, and of course hdmi cable to plug the OSSC to the TV.

    Unfortunately all I can see is a NOSYNC message on the YpbPr input (AV2) but I have the sound coming out if I plug the red and white cable directly to a speaker.

    Also, I have a composite cable and a composite to scart converter, when plugged in to the OSSC, I receive a signal on AV1 (RGBS 625i, 15,62kHz, 50,00Hz) but I know OSSC is not compatible with composite so I’m a bit confused…

    I have tried the blind method to change the video output of the PS2 from RGB to YpbPr (I have sound so it is seems I’m doing it right)

    I have tried on PC screen also and nothing.

    Any advice ? Is it the cable (hd retrovision) ? Is it the ps2 ? is there a setting I should change on the OSSC ?

    Thanks for your help


    Check that you connected the component video cables correctly, that the colours match up.


    Thanks for your answer, I realised blue and green were inverted when I plug it out to try on a friend’s TV with component.
    Sorry for the waste of time.

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