PS2, OSSC and Atomos Ninja V?

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    Has anyone had any luck using any device by Atomos to try and capture gameplay via the OSSC? I’ve had no luck!

    Is it possible to capture PS2 gameplay via an OSSC & an Atomos Ninja V? My current setup consists of an OSSC & PS2 which is connected via SCART, the OSSC is then connected via a HDMI 2.0 cable into the Ninja V and then another one back into the TV.

    I am doing anything wrong here or is the OSSC not able to gel nicely with the Atomos? Could this change in the future?

    Any help would be grand!


    I’ve never heard of those capture devices but it is common that many capture cards will reject off-spec signals (BlackMagic are the absolute worst for this!).

    If you can find one cheaply, adding a secondary scaler to the output of OSSC, such as a DVDO, will help improve compatibility.


    Would using another scaler not add lag? I’m unaware of the con’s when adding extra devices on top of each other.


    You can expect a scaler to add at least 1 frame of lag, but that doesn’t matter if you’re only adding it to make it compatible with your capture device.

    If you’re worried about lag using your capture device’s loop-out, add a video splitter earlier in the chain. If you have display that can take the analogue RGBS/RGsB from the PS2, toss in a SCART splitter (or something like the current gscartsw, which will rewrite RGsB to RGBS and make those format switches easier to manage); or, if you’re using a display with HDMI input, get an HDMI splitter (this thing, per this recommendation).


    Thanks for the link! Very much appreciate it.

    I forgot I already own a HDMI splitter, so I’m hoping I can get it working.

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