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    Since today i’m the proud owner of a Retrotink 2x and an OSSC.
    all is fine for one particular thing, I have piggybacked the retrotink on the OSSC.
    I did because I like the filter the Retrotink applies to PS2.

    Now the issue is that it seems that the vga adapter screws up the colors

    Color issue

    I don’t know if this a known issue or something that can even be helped.
    I was hoping to find something out before i go out and buy another adapter to test with.

    Thanks in advance,



    My two (different) adapters do that too, especially in bright Cyan color, can be clearly seen in SMPTE color bars.
    Moreover these adapters clip the black shades, so it’s best to use the RT2x directly to an HDMI device.


    Thought so…

    Thanks for the confirmation!

    I was almost at the stage of pulling my hair out :P.
    Just another switch to the setup it seems.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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