PSP Mode line 2x on LG C9 – Black screens

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    I was wondering if any of you had tried the new PSP mode in line 2x mode on the LG C9 or similar display? I’m using a PSP Go specifically.

    I’m having an issue whereby I switch to PSP mode in line double output and I just get a black screen on the LG. I have to cycle out of PSP mode into, say, VESA 640×480, and back again several times before I get an image.

    Once the image is there it stays with no issues, changing games or going back to the PSP menus doesn’t affect it. I don’t believe it’s the OSSC as I tried a HDMI splitter with it and the other display showed the screen without any issues. I’ve also tried full TX setup in the compatibility options.

    Anyone else come across this and if so did you find a workaround?

    Jarrah White

    If you can afford one, I’d just get a PlayStation TV and hack it to run Adrenaline on it. You need not even worry about PSP component outputs. You can use Adrenaline to run unsupported PSP Classics and even backups of UMDs.

    My Life In Gaming recently did a video on the new SharpScale hack, which lets you run the native resolutions over HDMI.


    I already have a hacked Vita but prefer to use original hardware where possible (PSP on Vita is emulation, albeit highly accurate). Even with sharpscale using the OSSCs 2x PSP mode would potentially be quite beneficial.


    Hm that’s odd, I wonder if your TV dislikes the very large overscan area that results in the PSP optimized mode.

    Basically, the way that it works is that the OSSC tells your TV that the letterboxed area is in the overscan area, so your TV is the one that needs to drop the “offscreen” pixels. Unlike most pictures though, the “offscreen” area of this image is very large because it includes the letterbox.

    What happens if you disable the PSP sampling mode, but keep Line2x turned on (make sure upsample2x is on)? If that works correctly, then it’s not a pixel clock issue and instead is probably caused by the large amount of overscan.

    Another thing to try would be testing it on another TV. It works well on my device, but if there’s TVs out there that dislike the overscan region, that will be news to me.


    I’m sure I’ve used 480p x 2 mode just fine in the past on the C9 and didn’t notice any issues but I will check again as there have been some firmware updates.

    Interestingly when I tried it with a CRT and a HDMI to VGA adapter, the picture wasn’t stretched at all, so I guess the CRT ignores the overscan area.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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