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    This is a question for a friend, but honestly I can’t quite figure out the right approach.

    The setup has two OSSCs. One goes to a TV, and one is captured. They both have different settings for those purposes.
    He has an N64 with a SCART cable with a male out.
    What we want to do is split that connection into two male connections to connect into the two OSSCs.

    As far as I can tell, the expensive approach would be one of the Shinybow matrices or a gscartsw, but really the goal right now is to just get it working without spending too much.

    The cheap way seems to be getting a female/female coupler, and then connecting the male end of one of those cheap “switch/splitters” that have one male and two female connectors. From my understanding it seems like these cheap passive ones work for both two in one out as well as one in two out setups, though obviously are passive. I can’t really tell though, I know SCART wiring is weird and has crossover in places.
    Would this setup work in a pinch? It’s attractive since it’s only like $10 compared to the literal hundreds of the other setups without breaking the bank.

    If anyone has any other recommendations that aren’t too expensive, I’d really appreciate it.



    I don’t think it would, sorry, I mean I can’t say for sure but those cheap splitters are NASTY, last time I used one so much voltage leaked from one SCART that I could power up my SNES without it being plugged in.


    Jesus, that’s pretty insane.

    Is there really no simple way to just passive split an N64 into two OSSCs?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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