Random blackouts with og xbox 480p, sony 4k tv

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    Hello, I wonder if someone could help me with this.
    I´ve been using ossc with og xbox, it does not matter if I set 480i or 480p, I get random 1 second blackouts, sometimes it is after 5 min or 20, or 40, it is unpredictable, I´ve tried with different component cables, with all hdmi inputs on my tv, I´ve tried all of my 4 xbox, I´ve tried with all my hdmi cables, the probles persists, I don´t know what else to do, even I got a second ossc and it has the same problem.
    This exact problem happens with ps1 too, usin rgb scart cable, the problem does not happen when I use a pc through vga.
    My tv is sony 49x720f ussing game mode.
    When the problem happens the red led does not blink, the green led is firmly always there, to be sure it was not a sync problem, I displayed the “info” button, so if the ossc losses sync it returns to its principal screen, and effectively when blackouts occur info screen does not change.

    What else I can do?

    thanks for reading.


    Since the red LED isn’t coming on, the OSSC isn’t the device losing sync; I’d try a different HDMI cable to see if that helps, and, if not, a different display.


    Hello, I´ve tried with all my HDMI.
    Hdmi cable thay came with ps4
    hdmi cable that came with ps4 pro
    hdmi cable that came with wii u
    hdmi that came with ps tv

    All I have tried are cables that came with consoles, are those bad quality cables?, is there a specific cable I could?, I´ve been searching and there are a lot of brands, and very expensive ones still get bad reviews, so I do not know what cable to buy at a reasonable price and not being trash.
    At the moment I do not own another display in home.
    In case my display is not compatible, is there any “solution” I could add to the chain? as a hdmi switch, or something like that?
    It is impossible to play with this issue, it literally ruins all my games, just when I am in the middle of important battles or matches the blackouts appear and everything go to trash, it is really frustrating and annoying.

    thank you.


    I think the only way you’re going to fix a misbehaving/intolerant display, aside from replacing it with something else known-good, is to pair your OSSC with an external scaler, like an Extron DSC 301 HD, or replace your OSSC with a scaler, like a Framemeister or the upcoming OSSC Pro. Any of these solutions will be able to use framerate conversion to adjust the video output to something your display can handle (at the cost of about 1 frame of lag and potentially some judder or dropped frames). If your display still misbehaves, then your TV probably needs to be replaced.


    Oh god, I bought this tv 5 months ago 🙁 , what a disappointment


    Isn’t the Xbox’s refresh rate on spec? I thought it was, I doubt it’s that.

    Honestly it’s very strange how some people are getting this but others on similar (or even same) TVs have no issues.

    Try setting OSSC to DVI mode, this will mean you need external speakers though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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