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    I just finished building my OSSC and flashing the initial firmware and it does work except for the red channel.
    It seems like red is always at the maximum value. This happens with both the SCART and the VGA input.

    When I lightly touch the PCB between U2 and U1 with my finger, the image partially changes, but the areas that changed look like red is 0.

    Here are some images:

    Any ideas what I should test?


    Assuming that test pattern displays correctly, you either have some high bit(s) of R-channel bus between TVP7002 and FPGA floating, one of the TVP7002 P/G pins near R_IN* disconnected, or damaged TVP7002.


    Thanks for the tips!
    I went over all pins of the TVP7002 with the soldering iron again and that fixed it.

    The image quality is just stunning with the Mega Drive’s RGB output. Thanks a lot for developing the OSSC!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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