Remote Control has died?

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    It appears the remote control shipped with my product has stopped sending an IR signal to the device. There is no response from the remote’s light to confirm a button press no matter what button is pressed on the remote. Of course, no response from the OSSC either. They were working fine for months, and I really don’t know what exactly caused the sudden issue. Kind of stinks being locked out of all the menus and functions with no remote! I’ve changed the batteries several times, but nothing changes. The remote just seems to be suddenly dead. I’m not sure how to pair it with other devices, or how to pair the OSSC with another remote. I’m not sure how to really troubleshoot any of this.

    I left an email to Matt about this, waiting on a response, but wanted to know if anyone else had any ideas on a fix.

    Just a thought, but may be nothing: Curiously this happened around the time I got a Nintendo Switch, and I keep the devices actually near each other, and the Switch is a device that uses IR, so is that a possible culprit? Maybe the joycons hijacked the device somehow? No buttons on the Switch cause a response in the OSSC, so I may just be reaching here for a cause. I have no proof at all so this is a wild claim tbh.


    Maybe the joycons hijacked the device somehow?

    That would be impressive 🙂 Actually the switch doesn’t use IR it uses Bluetooth I believe.

    Anyway, I got your e-mail, if the light isn’t coming on on the remote then it sounds like it’s died. I’ll arrange to get another one out to you. For instructions on using a different remote with the OSSC, see here:-

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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