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    Not sure if there’s any value in this information, maybe even making a sticky for those looking for replacement remotes?

    I brought my Genesis and OSSC to work yesterday, for the second installment of “After-Hours Retro Fun”. Good news, the first installment with the PS2 was a success, and this second installment with the Genesis was a bigger success. But, I managed to leave my remote at work, and surely wasn’t going to go in on a Saturday just to retrieve.

    So, instead I went on a short and successful trip to the local big box electronics store (Fry’s Electronics). And, with the second program code entered, I was successfully remote controlling my OSSC again.

    So, then I thought the model number of the remote, and where I got it might be helpful to others.

    So here it is:

    RCA universal remote part number RCRN03BZ*
    program code: (Toshiba) 11524

    *Note that there is no exact matching part number listed on the Fry’s web site, and in fact there was no exact matching part number on the hanger rack stickers in the store. But, there was about 20 of them hanging there, and other similar RCA universal remotes, all of which I’m certain offer the same functional and compatibility.

    Hope this helps!


    I was happy to see NoAffinity’s post here about an alternate remote control because no remotes were available when I purchased my OSSC. Reading through the quickstart guide I realized a remote is required to navigate the menus and update the firmware.

    My local Fry’s Electronics store had a similar RCA universal remote available…the RCRBB04GZ. I just confirmed that it also works using the Toshiba 11524 remote code.

    Be sure to configure the OSSC to recognize the remote following guidance from the Remote control setup section of the OSSC wiki.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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