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    Hey Folks,

    I’ve tried to update the list for September 2018, many of the recommended components are on LOOOoooooong backorder @ Mouser, so I’ve put some effort into getting an updated list together.

    Google Sheets Legend
    BLACK – Currently Unobtanium (or only in large amounts)
    GREY – Obtainable – (Not from Mouser)
    ORANGE – Obtainable – (Mouser Close Equivalents)
    BLUE – Case Parts (Can be gotten @ VideoGamePerfection)

    Obtainable Parts

    The good new is that some of the other items (such as the IR transmitter) are back in stock.

    I had to get caps that were some times a different tolerance (10% instead of 5%), which I believe is ok (from reading some other threads)

    Here is my basket.


    I’ve also shared my research, (comments are open).


    Unobtainable Parts
    The SD05-7 seems unobtainable in quantities below 3000, so I think I found a matching alternative
    The lines in black, are items I can find, but not at mouser.
    The lines in Orange are mouser alternatives, but may have different tolerances, or dielectric materials.

    If anyone can tell me if these parts look good, it would be appreciated (or what impact those alternate parts would have, if any).



    I corrected a couple of parts for which I found more accurate alternatives namely

    BC847C,215 – Switched to BC847C-TP from BC847,235 (847C is correct part number with correct High Frequency Gain spec)
    BC857C,215 – Switched to BC857C-TP from BC857A,235 (857C is correct part number with correct High Frequency Gain spec)

    Updated certain resistors to ones that are more plentifully stocked

    Non Mouser Parts
    Added EBay and Amazon links for Scart, Heatsink and QFP100 Chip

    This setup leaves you with only a few simple screws left to source.

    M3 nut between bottom plexi and PCB
    M3 x 16mm screw, DIN-7985
    M3 x 10mm screw, DIN-7985

    Once we can get confirmation that the parts list I have drawn up is good, this should be a quick way to order parts, (at least for the next month or so, before stock dwindles again)

    If you would like edit access to the document, please let me know.



    Slightly higher cap and resistor tolerance is generally ok (except for a few critical ones like 75ohm and 698ohm resistors), and those transistors operate as switches so their parameters are not that important either.


    Great tips thanks!

    So I guess the transistors having a specific hfe value was probably picked because it was cheaper at be time?

    That helps.

    Any other parts that I should be aware of that don’t need to be exact? I will note them with comments in the sheet.

    I’ll also note the 2 resistors that do need to be exact (or if you want I can give you access if you’d like to help). I may then submit a pull request to the repo once the data is solid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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